This site was created as a sister site to

If is about clearing the air, letting go a sorrow carried too long in isolation, making amends, this site is about gratitude and the joy of expressing it. It is about recognizing the rewards of living and loving. It should be a refuge. An exhilaration.

For my part I must thank my father for his humor and his willingness to go with me into dark places. I must thank Tom for his strong arms, for staying by my side when I was desperately ill, and David for his unflagging friendship, for the fresh air he gives me all the time. And I must thank the remarkable spring day on which this site was conceived, for the new green everywhere making every tree its own miracle, and for the sense of possibility that attends such a day, that makes small notions seem like essential ones.

You may have thanks of this sort to submit to this website or something entirely different. You may wish that we alert the person or persons to whom you're offering gratitude or you may wish to remain anonymous. You may simply want to read what's posted here as counter to all the grim news offered to anyone who will listen or watch. Whatever your interest in I hope you'll be reminded of all life can offer in the way of the unexpected, of kindnesses (human and otherwise), and of light, lightness, and simple enlightenment even in the darkest of times.